suite felicia art

suite felicia art

Art teacher turned artist.

My home is for sale and I have been clearing out my basement studio as well.  This is a very comfortable house and its versatile floor plan can accommodate life's different eras. 

3267 sf.   3 full baths, one powder room.  5 above grade, bedrooms as well as two on the first floor and 3 on the second floor.  2018 taxes 12,196.  Questions? I can be emailed @

The art is for sale as well.

I am accredited to teach art K-12 in several U.S. States. Large scale abstract paintings are my strongest means of self expression as well as smaller artwork on paper and mixed media collages. I've often said to my elementary students that artists are scientists which enjoy experimentation.  Now that my nest is empty I am focusing on my own artwork.   My studio has wonderful windows to enhance my own thirst for sunshine so my muse directs my brushstrokes. I often discover that my favorite paintings came from my curiosity about our natural world.  I'm fascinated by the delicacy of flowers and attempt to preserve their singular beauty with my camera as well as my paintbrushes.  Beside representational art, I do enjoy experiencing color, so to speak in large scale abstracts.  No life is without difficult times and I believe those hard lessons in life have enhanced my work, given it a rare honesty.  I often feel my paintings are just like an autobiography, with all of me on display. It could be said that I study myself as well as current evolution in the world of art.  My CV can be seen on  under my name; Felicia Haberman Raschke and on instagram as feliciaraschke_art. 


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